Study of Visual Communications and Graphic design

Programme description

A two-year study programme is a part of the second level of university education (level 7.1. in accordance with CROQF) after which students are awarded 120 ECTS credits and the academic title of: Master of Visual Communication and Graphic Design. This study programme is a result of Academy’s development, changes in the job market and latest economic and cultural trends in Croatia and the European Union.

A master’s degree in the field of visual communications and graphic design is a sought after qualification not only in contemporary society, but in the job market as well. The visual communications and graphic design are important tools in disseminating information, ideas and messages, and as such have a major role in creating social and economic relations.

Recognising this, the Academy has developed this study programme with the goal of educating students to have critical awareness of the contemporary visual and communicative context, as well as to have outstanding ability and personal responsibility in dealing with print and digital media by applying design methods and skills.

The graduate study programme is structured so that the students acquire scientific, artistic and professional knowledge in the field of visual communications design.

In the theoretical part of the graduate study programme students are provided with knowledge of visual communications, marketing and communication sciences. In the professional and artistic part of the programme, students gain deeper understanding of designer communications skills and develop individuality in problem-solving skills through project-based learning in both obligatory and elective courses. The programme is designed so that students acquire knowledge and skills through independent and practical projects, thus developing adaptive thinking, independence and self-criticism as well as responsibility for one’s own work, and, when needed, ability to share responsibility and to organise group work.

Highly specialised knowledge and competences acquired through this graduate programme allow MA graduates to work in the fields where those competencies are needed.

The graduate study in Visual Communications and Graphic Design equates to 120 ECTS credits, and lasts for two years (4 semesters).

Learning outcomes

  • Independent use of all types of visual communications design
  • Readiness to work independently and in a team
  • Applying professional principles in practice
  • Accountability in contributing to professional knowledge and skills
  • Responsibility for all stages of collaborative projects
  • Ethical and social responsibility
  • IT skills
  • Practical application of knowledge and skills in a community
  • Practical application of knowledge and skills in digital environment
  • Theoretical knowledge of visual communications
  • Theoretical knowledge of new media, culture and technology
  • Theoretical knowledge of marketing and branding
  • Professional knowledge of visual communications and graphic design
  • Project management skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Practical knowledge of programming languages
  • Ideating and developing concepts
  • Individuality and creativity
  • Awareness and management of metacognitive knowledge


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