Undergraduata study of Art Education

Programme description

The study programme of Art Education has been conducted for more than half a century in the institutions from which APURI originated. The teaching staff, therefore, has a rich educational experience, while the programme itself has been continuously improved. Long-term conduct of the studies guarantees programme quality, acquisition of the necessary competencies for work in the profession and artistic development of each individual student at the undergraduate level.

The complete three-year undergraduate study programme envisages the achievement of 180 ECTS credits. By taking all examinations and fulfilling obligations according to individual programmes, students after three years of full-time study complete the first phase of comprehensive study and acquire the academic title: Bachelor of Art Education.

After completing the undergraduate study, students acquire basic knowledge in the field of art education and fine arts in a particular field – painting, sculpture or graphics – which allows them to continue the graduate study of Art Education or another study lasting two years.

Acquired knowledge, competencies and skills enable bachelors to engage in activities in which these competencies and skills are needed: in cultural and creative industries, specific branches of tourism, entrepreneurship, electronic media and independent art work. .

First-year students acquire specialised factual and theoretical knowledge within future professional activities in the field of fine arts. They acquire the necessary cognitive and practical skills as the basis for future, more advanced independent work and professional thinking, they acquire the competencies of personal critical and self-critical review.

In the following two years, through a series of professional, artistic, humanities and social science courses, students develop a higher level of knowledge as well as a critical understanding of theories and principles of the profession. Within art courses, they develop individuality, independence and creativity. They practice advanced skills in making complex artworks with a clearly defined concept. During their studies, they develop professional knowledge in psychological and educational courses in the part of the Teaching Module that is taught at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka.

The study of Art Education equates to 180 ECTS and lasts 3 years (6 semesters).

Learning outcomes


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