Undergraduate study of Applied Arts

Programme description

The complete three-year undergraduate study programme envisages the achievement of 180 ECTS credits. By taking all examinations and fulfilling the obligations according to the study programme, the student realises the first phase of the complete study and acquires the academic title: Bachelor of Applied Arts.

Acquired knowledge, competencies and skills enable bachelors to engage in activities in which these competencies and skills are needed: in the sector of cultural and creative industries, specific tourism activities, entrepreneurship, electronic and traditional media and activities in the form of independent artistic work.

Knowledge of art history and contemporary art practice, as well as specific knowledge of art philosophy, is acquired continuously throughout all three years of study. In the field of fine arts theory, knowledge is acquired in subjects that are concentrated in the first two years of study.

Learning outcomes in art in the first year are aimed at acquiring basic knowledge and skills in drawing, sculpture, painting and graphics. In the second year of study, the acquired knowledge is deepened and connected with other theoretical and applied courses. In the third year, there is a possibility to choose specific courses (ceramics, glass, mosaic, web design, video production, scenography, costume design, books as an object and bibliophilic editions). The modules they can choose contribute to the development of the individual artistic expression of each student. They are also able to attend communis courses from the joint university offer of related faculties.

Students can elect the module of sculpture, the module of painting and the module of applied graphics. All courses are semester-based, which allows increased mobility of students to other contents within the institution as well as to other study programmes abroad in shorter study visits.

After completing the undergraduate level, it is possible to continue the two-year graduate studies in Applied Arts, as well as Visual Communications and Graphic Design, for those who attended the Applied Graphics Module.

The study of applied arts equates to 180 ECTS and lasts 3 years (6 semesters).

Learning outcomes


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