Graduate study of Applied Arts, programmes: Applied Painting, Applied Sculpting, Set and Costume Design for Theatre and Film

Programme description

A complete two-year graduate programme in Applied Painting, Applied Sculpture and Stage and Costume Design for Theatre and Film envisages the achievement of 180 ECTS credits. By taking all examinations and fulfilling obligations according to individual programmes, students obtain the second level of university education (level 7.1. in accordance with CROQF), and acquire the academic title of: Master of Applied Arts (with the name of the programme they graduated from).

Acquired knowledge and skills enable students to pursue those activities after the graduate study in which specific competencies are needed (in culture institutions, cultural and creative industries, enterprise, set design, costume design, film and stage industry), but also in independent art work.

Through obligatory courses and a great number of elective art courses, all study programmes provide knowledge and skills in fine arts and visual arts that expand basics acquired in undergraduate studies. In addition, students are provided with specific practical knowledge in applied arts through obligatory and elective courses in the study programmes of their choice. By enrolling in elective courses such as ceramics, glass, mosaic, web design, video production, set design, costume design, graphic novels, illustration and art book design, students develop their own artistic voice and expression.

All courses are semester/based, which allows increased mobility of students to other contents within the institution as well as to other study programmes abroad in shorter study visits.

Applied Arts Programme equates to 120 ECTS credits, and lasts for 2 years (4 semesters)

Learning Outcomes


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