Study of Acting and Media

Programme Description

The undergraduate university study of Acting and Media lasts six semesters, and upon its completion 180 ECTS credits are earned. The study programme lasts three years and is conducted as a full-time study. Courses Acting, Voice, Actor and Choreography, Introduction to Media, Text in Various Media, Aesthetics, History of Music, Applied Music, History of Drama and Theatre, Introduction to Dramaturgy, Introduction to Film Language, Art and Morality, Actor as Musician, Film Acting, Laboratory of Directing, TV, Radio and Internet, Characteristics of the Cultural System form the basic structure of studies and contents that connect practical classes and theoretical disciplines.

The principle of electives is realised in all semesters, and is especially apparent in the final year of study. In addition to the list of elective courses offered at the study itself, there is also the possibility of attending the communis course of other constituents of the University of Rijeka, which further strengthens the personalisation of studies.

One of the peculiarities of the study is the application of the world-famous Lessac Kinesensic Training in the approach to work on the body and voice. It is a method of using the voice and body that promotes synesthesia, flexibility and melody of the voice. Some of the world’s greatest actors apply this very method in their daily work. Classes in Voice courses are held in Croatian and English.

Upon completion of the Study, students acquire the academic title: Bachelor of Acting and Media. Students learn how to analyse and understand performances within acquired knowledge of historical and current contexts; become thoroughly acquainted with key performance methods; learn how to integrate physical, speaking and musical skills into an integrated whole; acquire practical knowledge in the field of dramaturgy and understand their application; develop the ability to independently interpret contemporary production; they get acquainted with the basic concepts, historical development and dynamics of media and artistic activities and learn how to recognise and predict development trends.

After completing the undergraduate study, it is possible to continue the study at the graduate study of Acting for two years.

The Study of Acting and Media equates to 180 ECTS and lasts 3 years (6 semesters).

Learning outcomes

  • Active participation in existing forms of artistic and media activity
  • Knowledge of contemporary trends in media, culture and art
  • Describing, observing and analysing phenomena in this specific area
  • Development and definition of projects
  • Designing and creating new models of artistic cooperation
  • Independent and responsible artistic activity
  • Conducting research in the field of art and media
  • Recognising changes and tendencies in the development of art and media
  • Analysing and understanding the historical context of performing arts
  • Knowledge and understanding of key performance methods
  • Connecting physical, speaking and musical skills into an integrated whole
  • Practical knowledge in the field of dramaturgy and their application
  • Knowledge and ability to independently interpret contemporary production;
  • Distinguishing, comparing and analysing different approaches in research, teaching and performance
  • Interpretation of works of performing arts through practical-theoretical analysis, critical thinking
  • Critical and selective reflection of adopted theories with practical experience
  • Constructive and sensitive response to the work of others and adaptability and flexibility while working on the performance
  • Ability to act independently, as well as teamwork and cooperation within the profession


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