Quality Policy

The Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka recognises quality as one of the fundamental values for defining its development strategy based on established goals. All employees, as well as students of the Academy, are acquainted with the quality policy, and activities that improve it at all levels of business are continuously carried out.

The quality of all employees of the Academy is based on expertise, knowledge, skills and ethics in the responsibility for the implementation of quality policy. Employees make a personal contribution to the development of the Academy, as well as to the development and strengthening of its professional reputation.

The quality policy is monitored through the vision and mission and strategic development goals of the Academy, which are harmonised with the Development Strategy of the University of Rijeka and all the documents and laws that accompany the process of implementation and development of quality at the Academy.


  • Continuous implementation, harmonisation and improvement of the quality assurance system based on ESG standards, ASHE guidelines and the Quality Assurance Manual
  • Development of study programmes, lifelong learning programmes and continuous monitoring and systematic improvement of existing programmes
  • Development of centres for art research which provides professional activities and education outside the framework of study programmes and establishes connections with external co-partners.
  • Public action through continuous presentation and presentation of student and teacher work as well as the organisation of artistic content for both the students and the public
  • Students’ active involvement and contribution both in the educational process and in decision-making.

University of Rijeka
Academy of Applied Arts
Letricija Linardić, Full Professor


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