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Academy of Applied Arts at the University of Rijeka has launched a new, two-year study programme (120 ECTS) in the academic year 2013-14. The programme is called MEDIA ARTS AND PRACTICES (MAP), now entering its second enrollment cycle.

MAP curriculum consists of three main modules, the so-called Carrier Modules: Photography, Intermedia and Scenographic Spaces. These three modules are the main production areas that students select upon enrolment.

The study programme is intended for everyone who earned 180 ECTS credits upon completion of an undergraduate programme and who demonstrates a strong interest in contemporary media art production. 



Media Arts and Practices (MAP) study programme is in line with the EU tendencies in development of academic curricula. It aims at creating dynamic, open and flexible programmes that respond to new trends, meet employment demands and provide for long-term feasibility.

The programme was developed within the three-year long EU project ADRIART , in close cooperation of the University of Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts, the School of Art of the University of Nova Gorica  (UNG), Institute of Contemporary Art and Institute of Architecture and Media  of the University of Technology in Graz (TUG) and the Department for Art, Music and Theatre  (DAMS) of the University of Udine  (UNIUD).

The program is structured so as to integrate many disciplines and contents, but at the same time to remain open to changes in the realm of contemporary art, in consideration of rapid development of media technologies. Such a dynamic and open curriculum is possible owing to the strong vertical structure that supports each student’s progress over the two years of study and a versatile and flexible horizontal width from which each student can choose their own ways of competence acquisition.


More information:

about MAP study programme  (description, contents and structure)

about application, admission and enrolment procedures

- application forms for the MAP admission procedure (GENERAL APPLICATION FORM MAP 2014-2015 FORM )



Archive of mobility pilot courses at MAP:

-        Pre-pilot Komiža – 2011/12 

-        Pre-pilot Venice – 2011/12

-        Pre-pilot Rijeka – 2011/12

-        Venice – 2012/13

-        Ljubljana 2012/13

-        Graz 2012/13

-        Rijeka 2012/13

-        Komiža 2012/13

-        Venice – 2013/14

-        Ljubljana – 2013/14

-        Graz - 2013/14

-        Rijeka – 2013/14

-        Komiža – 2013/14


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